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Social [Distancing] Fabric & Cup of Stories

Do you take your coffee with art? 

We’ve received so many wonderful stories from the participants of Social [Distancing] Fabric #1, we wanted to share them with the world. Hence, we teamed up with Global Storytellers to whom everyday objects are just a wonderful excuse to share an unusual story. Together we’ve made coffee cups with on the inside a “small moment” story from a Social [Distancing] Fabric participant on their experience of stitching during Covid lockdown, and a drawing by Karim Adduchi.  The cups are made by Cor Unum out of left-over clay.

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Read the story line by line as you sip your hot drink, discovering the beautiful drawing when you reach the bottom.

Social [Distancing] Fabric #2

SDF #2

After the first Social Distancing Fabric last year we received so many letters telling us how stitching had a soothing effect, and stitching together provided a feeling of connection.

Hence, the second edition where we will stitch your finished embroideries together into art works of different sizes. They will be exhibited in Amsterdam City Hall, a tribute to all citizens.

Join SDF#2, our collective embroidery project, from your own home. You will receive an envelope with needle, thread and a hand-made drawing by Karim Adduchi to embroider. You can embroider it according to your taste, using your choice of technique and colour.

You can embroider the drawing according to your taste and choice of colors. We use the satin stitch, but you’re free to pick something else. You can find more tips in the FAQ below.
Share photos of your progress on social media: #socialdistancingfabric #theworldmakers #karimadduchi

To join, fill out the form below.


How long does it take to finish the embroidery?
It will take about 10-12 hours to finish the embroidery.

Can I use different colors than what you send me?
Yes. If you have thread at home, you’re free to use those. You can use different colors or make a monochrome work. It’s up to you.

Do I need other material than what you send me?
Yes. You will need an embroidery hoop and a pair of scissors. Embroidery hoops come in different sizes. We recommend one of 15 cm. You can buy them online at about 5 euro.

Can I only join if I’m a wizard in embroidery?
No. Many people are joining: some have never embroidered in their life, others have years of experience. It is not hard to do, even as a complete beginner.

Can you give me some tips on technique?
Think of it as coloring inside the lines, but with thread. We have been using the satin-stitch, but participants from SDF#1 have used all kinds of techniques. Search on #socialdistancingfabric on instagram, you will find wonderful examples. As to techniques, search on basic sewing techniques on youtube, you can find great tutorials online.

What are Studio Rules? 
Easy: it’s wisdom not to place red wine, coffee or nutella near your embroidery. 

Is there a deadline?
Please send it back by the end of May. 

Where do I send it to, when it’s finished?
Please send it to:
Studio Karim Adduchi | Wiltzanghlaan 60 | 1061 HC Amsterdam