Mission and Values

Our mission

We support refugee and migrant artisans. We believe the expertise they bring is of value when connected to the mainstream design and art and that the infusion of their heritage is a source of innovation.

As refugee-artisans have a distance to the job market, because of their lack of language skills, knowledge of the design market, and of Dutch bureaucracy, it’s hard for them to make it as entrepreneurs. Often they end up in other professions, a loss of cultural and social capital.

We support these artisans so they can exercise their true profession in their new home country. We provide expertise on migrated heritage present in our society.

We create sustainable products with new people, using new ways of working.

Our values

  • We adhere to deep democracy and constructive dialogue.
  •  We believe that high quality, innovation and sustainability can go hand in hand.
  • We want to connect unusual partners.
  • We believe that without friction there is no shine, especially when you’re working at true collaboration, integration and innovation.
  • We start from people’s strength and creativity.