Karim Adduchi

Karim Adduchi is an internationally acclaimed fashion designer.

Born in Imzouren, Morocco, he grew up in Spain. Both of his parents were tailors, and Karim grew up among fabric and the hum of sewing machines. Karim holds an art degree from the University of Barcelona, and a degree in fashion design from the Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam.

Reinventing his Berber and Moroccan sartorial heritage, Karim uses artisanal fabrics and embroidery to design contemporary looks. His 2017 collection, “She has 99 Names,” created in collaboration with refugee-artisans, put him firmly on the global design map.

In 2018, Forbes EU and Middle East included him in their 30 Under 30 To Watch List. In 2019, Karim co-founded the World Makers Foundation and serves as creative advisor.