Project Social [Distancing] Fabric

Update | 18.04.2020

We want to thank all of you for enthusiasm and encouragement. This project took off faster than we could have imagined: over a hundred people signed up in 4 days.

Unfortunately, we’ve reached our budget for material and mailing costs. Also, we had to allow Karim some rest, since he is drawing everything by hand. So, we’ll send out the envelopes to the people who’ve received the confirmation email, and then we’re hitting pause to consider our next steps.

In the meantime, you can still register for the waiting list, and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible.

Keep safe, be well, and embroider along. Please share your photos, we’re so looking forward to see your work #theworldmakers #karimadduchi #socialdistancingfabric

Love & Thanks

Karim & The World Makers

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Social [Distancing] Fabric is a not-for-profit initiative. You can support us by donations on The World Makers Foundation, NL07 TRIO 0788 8810 27 | Triodos Bank N.V. | Utrechtseweg 44 | 3704 HD Zeist.