The World Makers are:

Karim Adduchi – Co-founder, Board of Advisors


Karim Adduchi is an internationally acclaimed fashion designer. Born in Imzouren, Morocco, he grew up in Spain. Both of his parents were tailors, and Karim grew up with fabrics and the sound of sewing machines. He has a degree in arts from the University of Barcelona, and in fashion design from the Rietveld Academy.

Karim reinvents his Berber and Moroccan sartorial heritage, using artisanal fabrics and embroideries to design contemporary looks.

His 2017 collection She has 99 Names, in collaboration with refugee-artisans, put him firmly on the global map. In 2018, both Forbes Europe and Forbes Middle East included him in their 30 Under 30 To Watch List

Ann Cassano – Co-founder, Director 

Ann grew up in Belgium and moved to Amsterdam to study cultural anthropology. She has a decade of experience working with refugee-assisting organisations and newcomers, both on policy and grassroots level. 

With experience in intercultural communication, conflict resolution, refugee support, local regulations and with a network of refugee- supporting organisations in Amsterdam, Ann consults on projects with newcomers. It matters that policy decisions on and projects for refugees include their voices. 

Atusa Lalizadeh – Co-founder & Secretary, Board of Directors

Since relocating to the Netherlands, Iranian-born Atusa Lalizadeh has studied social sciences.
Lalizadeh has set up projects to support people with a refugee-background and with experience in textile and fashion. Currently Atusa works with the city of Amsterdam, supporting status holders in building their career.


Natalia JohnsonChair, Board of Directors

Natalia is a corporate lawyer in Amsterdam.  She studied at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam and has a degree in intellectual property and ICT from the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. She loves dancing and has strong opinions on fashion.



Shadi AlhakimiTreasurer, Board of Directors

Shadi has a B.Sc in computer network technology & information security, and one in financial accounting. Already a seasoned entrepreneur upon his arrival in the Netherlands, he went on to win an award and a 10,000 euro grant for his business plan: a digital support platform for freelance nurses to find convenient hospital shifts and manage their schedules and invoices. Shadi loves Latin dancing, travelling and discovering other cultures, especially the food.

Lipika Bansal, Board of Advisors

Lipika is a creative researcher and social designer,  with a focus on design for empowerment and change. Her work is cross-disciplinary by nature, involving experts from all disciplines. In collaboration with stakeholders and end-users she examines specific topics and makes (interactive) designs.

Lipika founded the Textiel Factorij in 2015, an artistic research exploration in which 26 Dutch artists, designers and 17 Indian craft communities and design studios created contemporary interpretations of chintz. Since 2017 Lipika has continued connecting artists, designers and craftswomen and –men with each other. She guides them in setting up small scale businesses, empowering all involved.

Monique Janmaat, Board of Advisors

Monique Janmaat is a partner of Perspectivity Enterprise and studied social and organisational psychology. She has always been fascinated by how people interact and work together.

She likes to bring different (groups) of people together and create space for a real dialogue exploring diversity and differences as well as finding common ground and making decisions.  What matters is that all voices are heard, even if they are very different from the mainstream. For her workshop/event facilitation she applies interventions among which Future Search, Appreciative Inquiry, Theory U processes. Monique is an accredited Deep Democracy trainer and also provides training in leadership, change and transformation, intercultural collaboration, and training/ facilitation techniques.

She is an active member of diverse Boards of and has a rich experience in governance of profit and non-profit organisations. From 1999 she has been based in Tanzania, and worked in many countries with different cultures. Since March 2019 she has moved back to the Netherlands.