“Continue This Thread” : Social [Distancing] Fabric at new exhibition

Social [Distancing] Fabric at the exhibition “Continue This Thread

The Amsterdam Museum presents a brand-new exhibition on the power of crafting: “Continue This Thread” opening February 17 2023. It is a presentation about the power of crafting as interpreted through more than a hundred textile objects, including our collaborative embroidery project the Social [Distancing] Fabric.

Fashion designers Tess van Zalinge and Karim Adduchi were invited as guest curators to work with the Amsterdam Museum’s Curator of Fashion and Popular Culture, Roberto Luis Martins. Both Karim and Tess have garnered a reputation in recent years with designs inspired by historical and regional crafting techniques. With sustainable collections such as ‘natuurlijk’ (Van Zalinge 2022) and community projects like Social [Distancing] Fabric (misschien hier een link in naar de pagina over het Social Distancing Fabric?) (Adduchi & The World Makers, 2020), both fashion designers offer more sustainable and innovative visions in the field of craft, design, and co-creation.The exhibition also provides a stage for various designers from the city who apply handwork techniques in innovative ways. The exhibition ‘Continue This Thread. Karim Adduchi x Tess van Zalinge’ will be on view from February 17 to September 3, 2023 at the Amsterdam Museum on the Amstel (Amstel 51)

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