Social [Distancing] Fabric

It is said that a hand-stitched fabric imbues it with the spiritual energy and protection of the maker(s). We provide embroideries kits for large groups of stitchers: families, friends neighbours or organizations and companies. Each piece of fabric will be sent to a participant, and later stitched into a work of art to hang at a shared space, or give as a present. This we can combine with a workshop to harvest the stories in the group.

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Fez-stitch with Latifa Fassia

The Fez-stitch is a traditional Moroccan embroidery stitch from the city of Fez. Brides would embroider it on household textiles for their trousseau. Like cross-stitch, the Fez-stitch is practiced on an even weave. However, the Fez-stitch is much more complex: there is no rough work, the back and front stitching are the same.

Latifa Fassia is an expert at Moroccan designs and embroidery techniques. For many years she designed, made and sold the elaborately decorated Moroccan kaftans. Latifa will tell you about the history of Fez-stitch, its social context, and teach you the basics of this complex and beautiful embroidery. For more information, contact us.