The World Makers joins Story Jam: New Neighbours

The World Makers joins Story Jam: New Neighbours

‘Story Jam: New Neighbours’is an initiative of the Storytellers United in cooperation with Sound & Vision and the Netherlands Film Festival. During three days, people work together in multidisciplinary teams under the guidance of coaches on new intercultural story prototypes. Each prototype casts a different light on the multicultural society of the Netherlands and uses the medium that best suits the makers and their story. Projects can for example take the form of a web experience, but also be VR, performance, app or installation. After three days of working together, the teams will share their results publicly during the Netherlands Film Festival.

This year the theme will be New Neighbours. That is why we invite creatives of all professional backgrounds with an interest in innovative forms of storytelling to take part. Perhaps you do photography, develop websites, produce podcasts, make theatre, are into data visualisation, create immersive experiences in VR or AR, excel at designing user interfaces or you enjoy editing videos for online platforms. Whatever experience you bring, you certainly have an open mind and enjoy collaborating across disciplines.

We especially encourage you to join if you have moved to the Netherlands from another country. With this Story Jam we want to build on the unique perspectives from people who are new to this country and celebrate intercultural collaboration, experiences and stories.

For more info and to watch the beautiful things made, visit: Story Jam: New Neighbours · Storytellers United

Sep 22