Social [Distancing] Fabric #1

SDF #1 at the Amsterdam Museum and Dutch Design Week

We are so excited that the complete SDF#1 will be shown at the Amsterdam Museum on 25 September. It will also be part of the Dutch Design Week, 16-24 October.

What is it?
The “Social [Distancing] Fabric” is a collaborative embroidery project, started in response to the COVID-19 lockdown of March 2020. With the rhythm of our days so monotonous, we wanted to offer a creative and collective experience, from home—at a distance. We sent 200 participants a needle and thread, along with a hand-made drawing on fabric by Karim Adduchi, a Moroccan fashion designer known for reinventing traditional crafts in contemporary designs. We asked people to complete the embroidery at home, and send it back to us, with a story on their experience of (stitching during) lock-down. Then, upon receiving the finished embroidered works, we stitched them together, fashioning the separate pieces into a singular “Social Fabric.”

Make your own Social Fabric
It is said that a hand-stitched fabric imbues it with the spiritual energy of the maker. Make an embroidery for somebody you love: we have embroidery kits  available with hand-made drawings by Karim Adduchi which can be framed as art works.

We also organize workshops to make canvasses for large groups of stitchers, such as families, neighbours or organizations. Each piece of fabric will be sent to a participant, and later stitched into a work of art to hang at a shared space, or give as a present. [link to workshops]

If you want a keepsake of the Social Distancing Fabric, we have made cups with stories by participants, and a book with all the embroideries and stories is in the making.